Christmas 2014

Because you asked…

Present suggestions for the Yagers;

Good for all the kids;

  • Gift card for
  • Gift card for a used book store in Langley (contact Holly and she’ll buy it for whatever amount you wish).  The kids love this store.

Kid-specific gift ideas


  • Books; “Matched” trilogy (she’s read all 3 but likes them and doesn’t own any of them)
  • Books: “Canterwood Crest” series
  • Clothing gift cards, especially to;
    • Old Navy
    • Hollister
    • American Eagle
  • Ear buds for her ipod
  • Gift card for sporting goods store
  • Gift card for


  • Gift card for
  • Books; “Maze Runner” series by James Dashner
  • Skylander figures;
    • “Krypt King”
    • “Eye Small” (I think that’s how it’s spelled)


  • Gift card for
  • Tim Horton’s gift card
  • Skylander figures;
    • “Stink Bomb”
    • “Rattle Shake”
    • “Rubble Rouser”


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